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Banjaxed is an Irish slang term for “broken, incapacitated, confounded or totally ruined.” But luckily, we have solutions for even the most banjaxed Salesforce situations. Partner with us to transform your org into an efficient, streamlined Salesforce experience.

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Salesforce Org Growth Workflow Efficiency Data Options

Salesforce Team Services

Why hire a team member when you can partner with an entire team of Data Engineers, Admins, Developers, and Solution Architects

Data Management

Migrate, map, and manage your Salesforce data securely with our excellent engineers

Admin Services

Take advantage of automations, dashboards, users, flows, reports, and more with our advanced admins

Development Services

Create custom widgets, lwc components, and work flows with our dynamic developers

Solution Architecture

Experience strategic org architecture tailored to your goals with our stellar solution architects.

Whatever your industry, we are here to serve you. Nonprofit and for-profit businesses alike can benefit from having a customized Salesforce experience. Health, law, education, finance, technology, real estate and sales divisions can all take full advantage of their Salesforce investment with Banjaxed Solutions.







Real estate

Sales division

Conversations App

Conversations is an omnichannel communications tool for Litify users, connecting law firms directly to their clients in a single Salesforce workspace. No app switching required. It even integrates Docrio, a Litify document management tool, allowing you to securely create, send and receive files with ease.

  • Manage conversation on cases
  • Docrio connected
  • Feature rich

Average vs Exceptional

  • • Flows and automations built for your business
  • • Secure work with an entire professional team
  • • Seamless data management
  • • Custom applications
Get Exceptional Results
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Salesforce Team Services

Why Choose Banjaxed Solutions?

Innovative Solutions

We believe in building thoughtful custom solutions for your firm’s unique challenges. Our innovative tools and processes help guide firms down the path of growth and success with salesforce

Dreams Into Automations

We build automated processes and workflows to accomplish tedious tasks so you can spend your time pursuing your mission. We specialize in translating goals and desires into processes customized to fit your needs.

Navigating Poor Data

Dashboards and KPIs can be frustrating when they are inaccurate and dysfunctional. We can help assess the technical health of your reports and dashboards so you can be confident in your company’s real-time data.

What our clients
are saying

“We’ve been very impressed by their professionalism, responsiveness and collaboration. When it comes to Salesforce, they know their stuff and have a fantastically consultative approach. A true pleasure to work with!”

“Banjaxed Solutions has so far exceeded my expectations and has been a pleasure to work with.  They not only implemented the points as part of my instructions but suggested other ways Salesforce can tackle issues. I look forward to using their services on an ongoing basis.”

“Extremely professional and more than met expectations on all aspects of the project. They communicated clearly and effectively and made themselves available to meet with us to understand more about what we wanted to accomplish. They met deadlines and surpassed expectations”

Meet our leadership

Drew Murr

Chief Executive Officer

Taylor Green

Managing Director-Salesforce Team Services

Salil Puri

Chief Operations Officer

Seth Barreras

Chief Visionary, Conversations

Tyler Stillwell

Founder, Business development

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