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What’s so Lit about Litify?

Litify is a managed package built on Salesforce specifically for law firms. As a premier Litify Partner, Banjaxed Solutions thrills Litify clients with our flagship application, Conversations, as well as a suite of services.


A Communications Application by Banjaxed

Level-up your Litify experience with our Conversations app, consolidating your law firm’s communications into one smooth workflow.

With our communications product for Litify, you can keep all your essential information, messages and documents intuitively organized in one workflow. No more hunting through the mail or email inboxes for that one elusive piece of information.

Manage conversations directly on cases

Send SMS, email and fax

Share files via our Docrio integration

Additionally, receive ongoing support from a dedicated Banjaxed account manager

Worried about sharing sensitive information related to cases? We’ve got your back. All of your client documents stay safe through our integration with Docrio, a secure file-sharing and management platform built by the experts at Litify.

Screenshot of the Docrio file manager used by our Litify services team and our Conversations application
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Litify Admin & Development Services

Don’t have enough employees to administer, maintain and update your Litify org? We won’t leave you hanging. 
Our experienced and credentialed Salesforce professionals work closely with you to tailor your org’s business processes, custom objects, and flows to your precise line of work.
When you partner with Banjaxed, you recieve:

- A team that specializes in the legal space and Litify services

- Up-to-date case information
- Solutions that set the standard for best practices in legal operations
- Intuitive page layouts and data entry
- Ongoing and custom training packages
- Custom Apex reports

Data Migration

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to adopt Litify at your law firm. Congratulations! But now you face another challenge - actually getting all your information, including sensitive case material, moved over from your old CRM, organized, connected, and automated properly.
It’s a daunting task to undertake while you’re still handling the day-to-day challenges of running a firm. We can work directly with you or with your implementation partner. Don’t worry, with a little help from Banjaxed, you’ve got this!
Data Security
Before, during and after migration, AWS security keeps your confidential data strictly confidential. And in case your org glitches, we store a secure backup of your data with AES 256 level encryption for 90 days after your go-live date, or 60 days after the last data issue fix.


After setting up your org, there’s only one major step left: getting employees to understand and adopt the new systems.
Now you could spend more time making a PowerPoint or hosting an all-day training meeting. Instead, equip your team for success on Litify with a custom training package that covers every process, including:

- How to use Docrio to securely send, receive, & store files

- Time & billing entries

- How to close a Matter

- How to add a Request

Training materials come in both video and PDF format, located right inside your org for easy reference.

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What our clients are saying

“Conversations is an excellent SMS tool for Litify customers. It is heavily integrated into the package and the team is proactive about concerns related to spamming and knowledgeable about industry standards in the SMS environment. They provided assistance and expertise about not only their own tool, but the approaches we should take with our SMS strategy with our clients on numerous occasions.”
Dec. 12, 2022

Are you ready to become a raving Litify fan?


Are you ready to become a raving Litify fan?