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Partner with us and gain access to a whole team of experienced data specialists, admins, developers, and more, without worrying about committing to an internal hire.
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Admin Services

Take advantage of automations, dashboards, users, flows, reports, and more with our advanced admins.

Data Management

Migrate, map, and manage your Salesforce data securely with our excellent engineers.


Create custom widgets, lightning web components, and work flows with our dynamic developers.

Solution Architecture

Experience strategic org architecture tailored to your goals with our stellar solution architects.

Whatever your industry, we've got your back.

Nonprofit and for-profit businesses alike can benefit from having a customized Salesforce experience. Law, education, health, finance, technology, real estate and sales divisions can all take full advantage of their investment with Banjaxed's wide range of Salesforce services.


Bringing Order to Law Firms

Banjaxed has helped our clients love their Litify orgs since the very beginning. Does your implementation need an extra push getting across the finish line? Do you want more data migrated or translated? Ready to optimize your org? We’re here for you.

Support for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Growing your business is hard. Salesforce implementation and customization can be a daunting task, especially on top of your daily operations. Lean on us. You’ll get a consistent, knowledgeable, and adaptable team that executes your vision and helps your business thrive.

Dealing with Difficult Data

Complex data problems can be exhausting. We want to clean, translate, migrate, and organize that dirty data for you. Once your data is where you need it, we love to help ensure that your data collection and storage is optimized moving forward.
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Are you ready to become a raving Salesforce fan?


Are you ready to become a raving Salesforce fan?