How do I know if Salesforce is right for my company?

Choosing a CRM, or customer relationship management, system is quite an undertaking. There are many options, the popular option being Salesforce. But you’re probably wondering, “Is Salesforce the right choice for my company?” If you fall into one of the categories below, there are some specific ways that Salesforce can deliver real value to your business.

Are you planning to scale your business? 

Once you invest in Salesforce and a proper implementation, it’s simple to scale processes as you grow. Salesforce is set up to expand as you do and provides a great foundation that can even accelerate your growth. 

Do you have a lot of clients, contracts or employees?

Salesforce can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks with your business. You can use it to collect comprehensive data that allows you to make informed business decisions, and ultimately rest assured that all of your critical information is being kept in order.

Are you constantly trying to form conclusions and make decisions based on data from multiple sources?

If your company uses multiple non-integrated software platforms or programs, it’s likely that your data entry is tedious and complicated and you probably have to re-enter the same data in multiple places. With Salesforce, you can automate that process and store records in a central cloud so your financial systems can work in tandem with client profiles, marketing efforts, or whatever it is you need to streamline your workflow.

Are you a start-up? 

Salesforce can be expensive for younger or smaller companies, but it’s a good investment if you have the VC available. It’ll give you a head start because your processes will be built on Salesforce from the early stages of your company’s life, and you won’t have to worry about switching systems and consolidating data later when you have years’ worth of work to migrate. There’s even a Salesforce for Startups program that helps alleviate the cost of getting started.

Are you a small business?

Salesforce loves investing in the little guy. You can usually work closely with your Salesforce representative to get deals to get you started. Small business solution pricing makes it a lot more affordable, though it usually comes with less out-of-the-box industry customization–a version called Salesforce Starter.

Are you a nonprofit?

You can get Salesforce for Nonprofits and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). The NPSP contains fundraising, program management and marketing functionality in one bundle. Plus, the first 10 subscriptions are free.

Still not sure if Salesforce is right for your company? Give us a call. 

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