How to Ensure a Successful Litify Go-Live


This article delves into the key factors contributing to a successful Litify implementation, providing guidance on what customers should prioritize leading up to the Litify go-live phase and during the crucial go-live weekend.

Leadership Support

The significance of leadership support cannot be emphasized enough. Attorneys, Case Managers, and other staff members, who are often inundated with tasks, closely observe the actions of their leaders. If leaders don’t actively support the transition to Litify, it sends a message that can lead to resistance across the firm. To ensure a smooth implementation, it’s imperative that firm leaders show genuine interest and commitment. Lack of leadership involvement can lead to a less optimal workflow or gaps in the process within your Litify system when you go-live.

Power Users

As mentioned earlier, staff members will rely on Litify daily, making their involvement in the project indispensable. We strongly recommend identifying and empowering “power users” from your staff who will become Litify experts. These power users should actively participate in workshops where firm requirements are defined and contribute to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) relevant to their roles. For instance, for the Intakes module, including an intake agent and an intake manager as power users is crucial.

By including these power users, you bridge the gap between Litify’s out-of-the-box product and your ideal workflow. They also serve as advocates, spreading enthusiasm for Litify throughout the firm. In implementations involving a data migration, power users play a vital role in identifying essential legacy system fields to be transferred. These power users can also provide invaluable on-site support to assist with any training issues that may arise during the go-live week, ensuring a smoother transition for all users.

IT Admin

IT Admins are pivotal for a successful Litify go-live. They possess critical insights into how the legacy system is utilized, making them valuable resources for the data migration and file migration teams. Additionally, they can offer guidance on report generation, as they are often the ones who created them for the legacy system.

Salesforce Admin Assistance

Depending on your IT admin’s proficiency, we can train them in Salesforce administration to ensure post-go-live system maintenance. Over time, your firm will likely want to make minor enhancements or resolve issues. Additionally, there’s no need to hire a Salesforce certified admin; you can leverage Banjaxed’s Salesforce Team Services to complete new automations or make any other changes to your organization after the Litify go-live hypercare period ends. Your admin will also manage user access and any Salesforce platform integrations.

Before Your Go-Live Weekend

Have all users log into Litify to ensure no login problems happen when you go live on Litify. Also, have users authenticate their Docrio (simply go to the Documents tab on an Intake or Matter when logged in) and ensure you’re able to edit documents (the Docrio Desktop app will need to be installed by your admin before you can use this). Also, once your IT admin installs Docrio Email, click the add-in on Outlook and log in. 

Right before your Litify go-live weekend starts, it is important to have a company-wide meeting reminding the future users why you decided to move to Litify to begin with, get everyone excited for what is to come, and set expectations. The first week will not be easy; production will go down in the beginning because users are learning a new system. This is normal. As with any change, users will get more productive as they learn. Issues will arise, gaps can be addressed in the future, and user feedback will lead to enhancements.

Litify Go-Live Weekend

The majority of the Litify go-live weekend consists of a data load, file load, and testing of automations. Have one user from each practice area validate 5 different cases’ data to ensure that the data is loaded as expected and validate that the files came over into the folder structure correctly for your matters. This validation typically happens on the Friday or Saturday before go-live. On Sunday, all automations and validation rules will be turned back on, and have your power users perform routine tasks in the system to catch any errors.


In conclusion, there will always be issues when going live, as with any system, but the more a firm is involved in the Litify implementation, the better the implementation will go. On the flip side – you’re getting on Litify because you want to be able to keep building in new functionality after you go live, so prioritize essential functionalities for employees during the implementation and save the “nice-to-haves” for later. This way you can go live on the system faster and start getting the benefits earlier, which will directly impact your productivity and bottom line.

Written by Chris Barth, Managing Director of Implementations at Banjaxed Solutions.