Building Better Construction Technology

Guest: Phil Ogilby, CEO & Co-Founder, Stack Construction Technologies

In the Digital Age, every trade from industrial distribution to the stock market depends on data analytics to determine and reach their goals. Ever since the internet hit the mainstream, innovators have experimented with applying this technology to their work. Construction is no exception.

Join our new host and Salesforce Advocate, Kat Walther, on Tales from the Trails with Phil Ogilby, CEO and Co-Founder of Stack Construction Technologies. Having begun his career as a sheet metal worker fresh-out of high school in 1978, Phil has grown with the industry as technological advances became more widespread. He’s stayed ahead of the curve, developing innovative ideas to apply computer processing power and the internet’s expansive capabilities to construction technology.

Today, Phil takes us through the evolution of the family business, from roofing houses to developing cutting-edge software that is reshaping the construction landscape. See how getting on Salesforce, another innovative platform, took their budding construction technology company and helped them grow into a product powered by real-time customer insights.

Stack & Construction Technology Through the Years

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The Highlights

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