No Patient Left Behind: Healthcare Data On Salesforce

Guest: Alex Waddell, CIO, Adobe Population Health

The last thing you want as a business owner or service provider is to hear your customers’ needs are going unanswered, especially when you have the ability to meet them. Without a full picture of your client data, these individuals may go without the basic necessities for thriving in our society.

When it comes to overall public health, there are lot of statistics, but rarely are they consolidated, analyzed, and applied to serving everyone in the community. Luckily, Salesforce is now powering an innovation that bridges this gap between healthcare data and services.

Meet Alex Waddell and explore how Adobe Population Health harnesses Salesforce’s renowned data engine and service platform to address community-wide health needs.

Today, Alex shares his journey from an unexpected start in economics to becoming a Salesforce guru in the healthcare data industry. He and his team at Adobe Population Health seek to reshape healthcare data collection and analysis to bridge gaps and improve patient care. Learn how they ingeniously built their EMR system on the Salesforce platform, optimizing large-scale community healthcare data management in four states (and counting!)

Healthcare Data Revolutionized on Salesforce

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The Highlights

Don’t let healthcare data silos keep you from serving your dependents’ needs. Get connected and experience unparalleled customer satisfaction.