A Podcaster’s Perspective on Hotel Technology

Guest: Glenn Haussman, No Vacancy Podcast

As an entertainment writer, Glenn Hausmann grew tired of the drama and seeing extravagant hotels and restaurants as a backdrop for his celebrity interviews and never experiencing them for himself. An offer to work for a new hospitality magazine was just the spark he needed. Over his years writing about the hospitality industry, Glenn has seen the travel industry and hotel technology evolve by leaps and bounds.

When writing became the medium of the past, Glann shifted once again, this time into audio. As the host and founder of No Vacancy, the number one hospitality podcast, he talks to the most elite names in the industry, reviewing hotels and educating listeners on the latest in hospitality trends and hotel technology.

Check out today’s episode for this hospitality guru’s take on podcasting, hotel technology, and his own evolving career.

Hotel Technology Today

Don’t have time for the full episode? Here’s what you need to know:

The Highlights

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