Salesforce: Driving Care Employee Education

Guest: Todd Austin, Home Care Pulse

We’re back on the trail this week, diving into care employee education with Todd Austin, President and COO of Home Care Pulse—a care intelligence platform. By analyzing data and providing insights, training, surveys, and reputation management tools, HCP enables care organizations outside of the hospital environment (called post-acute care) to provide the best work environment and patient service possible.

From home health and rehab, to assisted living, hospice and memory care, health organizations want to provide care employee education that enhances nurses’ ability to support each unique patient. Data about each of those cases can be difficult to uncover and untangle without the right platform.

Using Salesforce, the data powerhouse, HCP’s technology listens to patient and caregiver feedback, intelligently identifies areas of improvement, and presents relevant care employee education resources, including training and insights about their assigned cases. The end result? Talented caregivers obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to handle each case with care and confidence.

Salesforce Data Powers Care Employee Education Technology

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