Environmental, Social, and Governance Management on Salesforce

Guest: George Burton, Founder, Proco

If you’re in business management, you’ll know that regulations are always changing, particularly regarding your carbon footprint, ethics, and employee policies. Today, George Burton, the founder of Proco, joins us today to illustrate how their tech helps businesses respond to these ever-evolving expectations.

Proco is an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sales intelligence app for Sales Cloud, empowering B2B ESG solution sales reps to quickly assess what their clients need to adhere to current and future regulations. 

Explore how this AppExchange solution can improve qualified ESG lead generation, ESG compliance across the economy, and businesses’ overall impact on the environment.

ESG Data via Salesforce

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The Highlights

If you currently don’t have a way to track your CRM or ESG operations, let’s chat about how Salesforce can set you on the path to success.