Crafting Exceptional Guest Journeys: A Tale of Tech and Hospitality

Guest: Ryan Creek, Director of CRM, Staypineapple Hotels

Listening to your data = listening to your customers. If you want to thrill guests from their first touch with your brand and earn their ongoing loyalty, you need to make sure every step of their guest journeys is thoughtful, personalized, and trustworthy.

To provide this enthralling end-to-end experience, you need a hub to gather, sort, analyze, and interpret your customers’ data into real-time insights.

Today, explore Staypineapple Hotels‘ remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and warm hospitality with Ryan Creek, the Director of CRM.

With 10 out-of-the-ordinary boutique hotels in major U.S. cities, Staypineapple’s ‘Naked Experience’ sets them apart from the major chains. They built their brand identity around attention to detail in every aspect of a guest’s stay.

Discover how Staypineapple uses Salesforce to drive thoughtfully designed guest journeys and weave personalized magic into each interaction.

From data migration odysseys to redefining guest engagement, this conversation paints a vivid picture of hospitality’s tech-driven evolution and how your data can power the best customer experience possible.

Salesforce Empowers Optimized Guest Journeys

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