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‘Hapi’ About Hospitality – Salesforce and the Guest Experience

Guest: Bob Majliozzi, Senior Vice President of Commercial at Hapi

Salesforce hasn’t always been the go-to guest relationship management solution for the hospitality industry. While now, more hotels and resorts are adopting Salesforce to manage guest experiences, according to Bob Majliozzi, there’s no one software that addresses every aspect of this complex business. Generally, hotels utilize 12-15 different programs to manage all their operations and then have to compile the data manually. With that many platforms to consider, it’s hard to see the whole picture.

That’s where Hapi comes in.

As a middleware solutioning and consulting company, Hapi bridges this gap, opening up data flow between different software. This allows management and stakeholders to get a clear view of all their operations with ease. With Hapi, hoteliers on Salesforce can consolidate their data and take full advantage of the platform’s powerful relationship management tools and data-driven insights.

Check out the full episode to learn how Hapi can make Salesforce the ultimate solution for optimizing the guest experience.

Don’t have time for the full interview? Here’s what you need to know.

The Highlights

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