Innovating in Hospitality and Tech

Guest: Nicholas Falcone, CEO & Co-Founder, NDM Hospitality

In the vacationing and hospitality world, NDM Hospitality does it all. From its roots as a family restaurant franchising business, NDM has grown into an innovative company with multiple business ventures.

Take a peek into the future of vacationing on this episode of Tales from the Trails, where Nicholas Falcone, co-founder and CEO of NDM Hospitality, takes us through the evolution of their tech-powered resort and restaurant experiences.

After getting their start in the Food & Beverage sector, Nick and his brothers expanded into the vacation home and rental management market. Discover their groundbreaking approach with Rentyl Resorts, where the familiar comforts of home meet the luxury and convenience of resort-style amenities. This fusion, wrapped with stellar guest service from booking to check-out, creates an unforgettable travel experience that leaves every guest longing to return. 

And they didn’t even stop there. On top of using Salesforce as the base of their CRM, the Falcones have further integrated hospitality and tech, building additional programs to provide further functionality specifically for the hospitality industry.

This episode is full of valuable insights for businesses of all industries aiming to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

From Restauranteurs to Hospitality and Tech

Don’t have time for the full episode? Here’s what you need to know:

The Highlights

Hospitality and tech are becoming increasingly linked. Are you taking full advantage of the technological resources at your disposal? Salesforce leads the way in CRM, giving you real-time customer insights so you always hit the mark.