Spotify Cover from Kali Tegeler's appearance on on Tales from the Trails, where she discusses Marketing Cloud automation.

Making a Splash with Marketing Cloud Automation

Guest: Kali Tegeler, Email Marketing Specialist, Fluidra

To build a positive brand identity, you want your marketing to, well, leave a mark. Make it personalized, make it fun, and make it engaging. Marketing budgets are tight, so you have to ensure you’re delivering bang for every buck. Platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud help you do that. With Marketing Cloud automation, any size marketing team can deliver the perfect, personal message at the most optimal time, without the drag of logging data or manually launching stages in each campaign.

At Fluidra, email marketing specialist Kali Tegeler manages a number of pool supply brands, but it’s all smooth sailing with Marketing Cloud automation. She doesn’t have to worry about the minutiae of the job, instead focusing her energy on strategy and acting on insights from her campaigns and customer journeys.

Tune in to her tale and see how Marketing Cloud automation makes managing audiences, campaigns, and tracking ROI a breeze.

Marketing Cloud Automation Made easy

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The Highlights

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