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Guest: Michael Schroeder, Founder & President of Roundstone Insurance

There’s nothing worse than getting sick or injured and not having insurance, or such limited insurance you have to bounce between providers to find one that accepts it. And if you’re an employer offering health benefits plans, you know the complexities and compromises that come with providing even the most limited insurance options, especially when it comes to cost to the company.

What if, instead of funneling the underwriting profit to the insurer, you got that money back to re-invest in your company? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s the real deal.

In this enlightening conversation with Michael Schroeder, Founder and President of Roundstone Insurance, we explore their mission to provide affordable, quality healthcare plans for middle-market employers. Unlike most insurance providers, Roundstone is a self-funded group captive. Their unique process informs clients of their real-life costs and returns underwriting profits to them. This means you can see your costs, take steps to reduce them, and instead of the insurance company keeping the excess, you get back that profit.

Using Salesforce Pardot to power these customer relationships, Roundstone makes sure their middle-market insurance solution actually answers their clients’ needs and seeks to elevate employee care, driving openness of information in the middle-market insurance sector. 

Check out our discussion to gain insights into Roundstone’s one-of-a-kind approach to middle-market insurance and its commitment to aligning the needs of employers and employees.

Providing Affordable Middle-Market Insurance with Pardot

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