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Starting Out on Salesforce – A New Salesforce User Story

Guest: Chris Cagle, New Salesforce User & Business Consultant at UniqueHR

As a new Salesforce user, Chris Cagle of Unique HR, initially felt overwhelmed by the sheer depth of the CRM’s offerings. Neither he nor anyone at his company had used Salesforce before, leaving Chris with quite a job to do: wrangling this powerful platform into their systems.

Through Google searches and hours on Salesforce documentation, Chris pieced it together enough to capture leads and perform basic sales functions. While he’s still discovering all of Salesforce’s features, he’s eager to start applying automation and optimizing UniqueHR’s sales workflow.

Together, Chris and Banjaxed CEO Drew Murr delve into the challenges and fundamentals of single-department Salesforce use, including reminder setting, logging calls, and automation that can enhance sales efficiency. Chris brings us insights and personal experiences from learning the ropes as a new Salesforce user. His biggest advice? Dedicate time to learn the platform and best practices.

Follow Chris as he makes his way up the trail to Salesforce success!

Don’t have time for the full interview? Here’s what you need to know.

The Highlights

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