Salesforce From the Inside Out

Guest: Carlos Navarro, Salesforce Solution Architect, Salesforce

Most Salesforce end users may be indifferent to the interconnectedness within the ecosystem, but the thousands who design, optimize, and customize the solution have found that there’s more to Salesforce than just customer satisfaction and speedy operations. It’s a community and career in one.

Today, we chat with Carlos Navarro, a Salesforce Solution Architect who entered the ecosystem after he finished his military service. Having achieved 32 Salesforce certifications with the help of others, Carlos now mentors almost anyone who approaches him for advice and expertise. He testifies to the strength and camaraderie of the internal Trailblazer community.

Tune in to get this insider peek into the Salesforce ecosystem and employee experience.

Tips & Tales from a Salesforce Solution Architect

Don’t have time for the full episode? Here’s what you need to know:

The Highlights

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